Des Hi-Res

A total reinvention of buying and renting property online. We’ve created a highly sophisticated web platform which allows Brik to operate in a completely different way to a traditional estate agent.

The Client

A dynamic and forward-thinking estate agent, Brik has ambitions to revolutionise it’s own business model and the property market as whole by harnessing the power of digital technology.

Removing the need for physical offices, it liberates a network of property specialists from its central HQ.

The Brief

For Brik’s big plans, a big creative and technical solution was required – and for this, Everywhere had to think big.

To effectively cut out the need for high street offices, it would have to be a better experience for their customers than traditional high street offices.

Our Solution

Proposing and developing a completely bespoke website based upon Sails.js, Node.JS and NoSQL, Everywhere wanted to allow the site to easily and effectively evolve and grow over time.

  1. Used an Agile process to work collaboratively with BRIK towards a predefined functionality that helped us discover and develop a site to fully meet their needs.

  2. Created dynamic, flexible property and user profiles with a MongoDB/NoSQL database. This allowed for evolution during the build and final product lifecycle, without any significant impact on development.

  3. Developed a full featured application programming interface (API) for BRIK using Node.JS, which pulls in property data and allows authorisation required read and write access to the database. Used for the website only at first, this has huge potential for linking to anything in future, from iOS/Android apps to store displays.

  4. Worked with the Sails.JS framework instead of a traditional CMS. This allowed us to create a bespoke user experience both for front end users and BRIK’s agents working in the back end.

  5. Customised Google Maps for the property map at the core of the site’s user experience. This will allow BRIK to define areas of London and place properties into them when zoomed out, to be visible when an area is clicked or zoomed in.

Their Response

“We had a brief chat after the meeting and we all agree that your team seems fully capable of meeting the technical requirements of building our site. More importantly, we really felt that you have an understanding of the space that our company operates in, and of the wider context that our site needs to live in.”

Chris Littlewood

Co-founder, BRIK