Saturday Club

The Kids Are Alright

Being the first standalone web presence for Saturday Club, the site is an effective tool for communicating the Club activity to it’s existing audience as well as providing a compelling case for potential supporters.

The Client

The Sorrell Foundation is a charity that inspires creativity in young people with its National Art&Design Saturday Club, a country-wide initiative giving 14- to 16-year-olds free specialist art and design tuition at their local college or university every saturday morning for 30 weeks.

As well as dabbling in a variety of disciplines, the teenagers also gain access to London's inspiring museums, and amasterclass by a british design star.

The Brief

To create an online presence that promotes the club, raises the profile of the club as they look to expand the initiative to a wider audience.

It had to be easy for the saturday club to update with news, current events and its rich archive of previous activity.

Our Solution

A totally responsive WordPress website to be fully managed by the saturday club itself. This was designed and built in a way that could flex to accommodate more features and functionality in future phases.

  1. Prominent and engaging social activity showing Twitter and Instagram posts.

  2. A new ‘Programme’ section to showcase The Club, The London Visit, Masterclasses, and The Summer Show.

  3. The ever-growing list of educational institutions involved as an interactive map.

  4. Dedicated Education section for teaching electronics in a fun, creative way. Tutorials, suitable products for sale, and a dedicated news section make the product and its technology accessible.

Their Response

“We really enjoyed working with Everywhere on the National Art&Design Saturday Club digital strategy. They were always patient, flexible and sensitive to our core values and ethos.”

Sorrel Hershberg

Director, The Sorrell Foundation